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Just a few things we're working on

Satoshi Auction

Get amazing deals with the first cryptocurrency penny auction site.


Use Bitcoin Cash to purchase a Weekly or Monthly deal bundle

Reference Handler

Hire people to give you good employment or personal references.

Platforms & Procedures

Repetition helps rapid development

Laravel Framework Using the Laravel framework and a collection of trusted and bespoke packages, we can build out the core framework of a new site in a matter of days. All sites are built so they can be load-balanced across multiple servers.

Cryptocurrencies We're a firm believer in the promise of cryptocurrencies and how they enable cross-border transactions and financial empowerment. Every site we build that has some kind of commerce will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Focus on Security and Privacy Security is never treated as an afterthought. We encrypt all data at-rest and in-transit whenever possible, use modern password hashing, don't profile users or share their information, and don't accept advertisements.

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